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Babazade Vegan Baklava

What is Vegan Baklava? and How to produce Vegan Baklava?

Vegan Baklava is a kind of Turkish Baklava dessert which is made in Vegan form. It does not include any animal product.

The most important process in making Vegan baklava is preparing Vegan Phyllo dough.

Vegan phyllo dough includes wheat flour, salt, water and wheat and corn starch. Vegan phyllo dough should be prepared in a special area where no - other animal product can affect it. Only plant - based oils can be used in Vegan Baklava which we choose Hazelnut and Sunflower oil.

In production area, it is significant to use seperated tools for Vegan products.

Who produced Vegan baklava for the first time?

Vegan Baklava was produced in Babazade production facility for the first time in the world in 2017. It was launched to the market in 2018. Babazade baklava is the leader specifically in Vegan Baklava sector. Masters who led this process in production are Eren Can Özsaygılı, Bülent Özsaygılı and Sefer Göker. Babazade Baklava produces Vegan Pastry, Vegan Kadayif and Vegan Baklava. 

What are the Vegan Baklava kinds?

Vegan Baklava kinds are ; Pistachio Vegan Baklava, Walnut Vegan Baklava, Hazelnut Vegan Baklava, Almond Vegan Baklava, Vegan Carrot Slice baklava, Pistachio Vegan Prens Baklava , Vegan Pistachio Roll

It is optional to choose sugar type in these products. Generally, we use refined sugar beet, but you can also choose Dates syrup.

What is Vegan Kadayif and how to produce it?

Ingredients of Vegan kadayif are; wheat flour, water, molasses, salt, wheat starch and Hazelnut or Sunflower oil.

Vegan Kadayif kinds are ; Vegan Plain Kadayif with Pistachio, Vegan Plain kadayif with walnut and Vegan Roll Kadayif with Pistachio.

Vegan Baklava Recipe

We are happy to share our Vegan Baklava recipes for those who like to produce Vegan baklava at their home. You can produce 9 different flavour and shaped Vegan baklava at your home easily.

Vegan baklavas that you can produce at home are ; Pistachio Vegan Baklava, Walnut Vegan Baklava, Pistachio Vegan Prens Baklava, Pistachio Vegan Carrot Slice Baklava, Vegan Baklava with almond, Vegan Baklava with hazelnut , Special Vegan Baklava with Walnut, Special Vegan Baklava with Pistachio.

Click to see Vegan Recipes.

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